U-Rich established a team of skillful labor to provide a variety of pre-retailing services at origin or destination to make sure related products are ready for immediate distribution to retail stores. Pre-retail services include Labelling & Tagging, Garment on Hanger (GoH), Rework & Repack, Management of Point of Sales (PoS) Displays.

(1) Labelling & Tagging: Works covers product or packaging labelling; attachment of swing, barcode, security and RFID tags, price or sizes stickering.

(2) GoH: Works covers string or bar hanging, sequence loading, sorting, provision of humidity control systems, GoH to flat pack & flat pack to GoH.

(3) Rework & Re-Packing: Products process re-work to fit local market needs, re-packing to support product launches, singles or ratio packing upon customer's requirements.

(4) Management of PoS Displays: Works cover package for transit, distribution to DC or direct to store/ supermarkets and inventory management/ control analysis.

Now some reputable branding fashion & jewellery enterprises have entrusted us to arrange the pre-retail/ pre-sales services. Business growth in local and oversea retails markets are clear to scale up in a short period. Pre-retail processing works enable customers to response the changing markets rapidly. Another benefit is to minimize stock holding levels and reduce inventory obsolescence effectively and finally, it enhances product visibility and handling efficiency.